EVE Online

πŸš€ Join Us in the Exciting World of EVE Online! 🌌

Ready for an interstellar adventure? Team up with Hellish and the crew in the vast universe of EVE Online. It's free to start, and there's a lot to explore!

Getting Started is Easy

  1. Sign Up: 🌟 Use this exclusive link to join: EVE Online Sign-Up. As an Alpha pilot, you'll play for free.
  2. Boost Your Start: πŸ’₯ Get a head start with 1,000,000 Skill Points, saving you 20 days of skill training.
  3. Mutual Rewards: 🎁 By diving deeper into EVE, both you and Hellish get cool rewards.

How to Begin Your Journey

  1. Download the Game: πŸ’» Get EVE Online from the official website or Steam.
  2. Create Your Character: πŸ‘€ We suggest choosing the Minmatar race for easier integration with our crew. Don’t worry, you can still train and use skills and ships from other races.
  3. Complete the Tutorials: πŸ“˜ They're invaluable for mastering the basics, plus you get free ships and items for finishing them.

Join the Hellish Community

  1. Join Our Chatroom: πŸ’¬ In the game, click the plus button on the chat window and type "MasterHellish".
  2. Join the Corp: 🏒 Go to Neocom > Social > Corporation, then Recruitment > Search. Look for "Hellish Inc", click on it, and select "Apply To Join".
  3. Get the 'Everyone' Title: 🏷️ Request this in EVE.
  4. Join Us on Discord: πŸ“£ Request the @EVEOnline role.

Stay Tuned

  • Stay Informed: πŸ“° Keep up to date with the latest corporation news and updates through the in-game corporation news feature.
  • The Video Series: πŸ“Ί Check out the let's play video series.

Fly Safe with These Tips

  • Watch Academy Videos: πŸ“Ί Enhance your skills with these tutorials: EVE Academy Videos.
  • Be Economical: πŸ’Έ Don't fly what you can't afford to lose. Don't buy anything you can't afford twice.

🌟 Excited to see you in space. Fly safe! πŸš€

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