Connection Info:

Server Address

Server Whitelist

Make sure you have your Minecraft username in your Hellish profile:
If you have an active Viewer+ subscription you SHOULD be automatically whitelisted (can take up to 7min to update)

Vanilla Rules:
  • FAMILY FRIENDLY chat, no swearing
  • BE NICE, no discrimination or abuse of any sort
  • No SPAM, Advertising etc.
  • Political and religious discussions are not permitted
  • Do not destroy or change other peoples builds
  • Do not build right next to another person without their consent
  • Do not take items unless they are marked public
  • No; Griefing, advertising, trolling, asking for OP, hacks, creative mode or mods
  • No builds that will/could cause lag
  • No Builds Near Spawn - Keep builds at least 500m from spawn. (Exception - You build a small house at spawn) All builds at spawn require coordination with Master Hellish

Vanilla World Map: